6 Baers Toy & Gift Shoppe

6 Baers Toy & Gift Shoppe is now located at

50 Chautauqua Avenue, Lakewood, New York!

Memorial day weekend 2022!!!

50 Chautauqua Ave Lakewood New York

We are an Old Fashioned Toy and Candy gift shop featuring interactive toys and items for all ages!  Throwback candy, chocolates, puzzles, games, outdoor activities, DIY kits, socks, candles, puppets, fair trade bags and items, toddler toys, and more!



Find 6 Baers Gift Toy & Shoppe @

50 Chautauqua Ave Lakewood New York daily 10-6 closed Monday 

Ashville General Store is located at 4844 NY-474, Ashville, NY 14710 

open daily from 7 am until 8 pm in the winter and until 9 pm in the summer!

Starting in 2022, each month, 6 Baers Gift Shoppe randomly selected a local Non-for-Profit to donate $300 too!  In 2023 we will be giving $300 monthly to local teachers. Nominations for teachers begin in October 2022 at the Lakewood location! This is our way of saying thanks to you, our customers and giving back to our community.

Locals can see us and local craft festivals, the Blue Herron Festival, Mayville Winter Festival, and Busti Apple Festival.

Thanks to you,

Tom and Sally Baer

Tom and Sally Baer

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